Who we are...

There is a growing need for improved, flexible, economically, and ecologically friendly office automated business machines, and with this rapidly changing and vast growing industry, MPU Copiers, the heart of the MPU Group strives to remain industry leaders.
Backed by and collaborated with some of the best local and internationally recognised Office Automation Firms, like Kyocera Document Solutions and Riso, MPU Copiers is able to offer innumerable amount of product ranges.

Our network of offices and high yield consumables ensure that our clients receive direct access to qualified technicians on time and high quality long life products. Our Premier Partnership with various Office Automation Firms enables us to deliver a vast range of document solutions. Small, medium and large corporations can benefit from our printer & network solutions.
With the market requiring flexible office solutions, we brought new products and custom services to fit the need of the ever changing market. Keeping creativity and our founding principles at heart, we strive to break new ground in areas that others consider too difficult to enter. When you think it’s time to give up, the real work begins. At MPU Copiers, we persevere and succeed where others don’t even try.
The “Customer-First” principle is our top priority. Our client’s success & effectiveness is a direct reflection of our business vision. The quality of technology, product or service depends on the people behind it. We embrace intellectual growth of our employees through training and an open door policy to innovative ideas, to achieve our set goals.

Professional, qualified personal is our biggest asset.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

A fundamental part of our mission is to deliver cost-effective quality solutions, therefore we perform a Total Cost of Ownership analysis to ensure that we save our customers money. We have selected our partnerships with a strategic purpose and that is to offer our customers the best solution that makes financial sense. The lifetime cost of IT and office automation equipment has become a hot topic for purchasers. Once customers have invested in a printing solution they quickly feel the impact of hidden costs, which continue to escalate. With printers, whether laser or inkjet, the principal operating expense, the cost of consumables, can be expected to represent several times the purchase price of the printer.

We consistently raise the awareness of TCO among our customers, decision makers and end users. Most printer manufacturers depend on sales of consumables for the majority of their profit and we know that the average networked printer consumes 11,000 pages worth of toner each month.
Over a typical printer's life, the difference in toner costs between KYOCERA Document Solutions' printers and those of any of our competitors can amount to thousands of Rands. KYOCERA Document Solutions' technology significantly reduces these costs: cartridge-free printing means that all that is replaced regularly is toner.

The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of KYOCERA Document Solutions' and Riso devices are invariably the lowest in each of their classes respectfully. TCO includes all costs: direct, such as the purchase price and operating costs per page, and indirect costs, including maintenance, replacement of consumable products such cartridges, use of print media, administration of the machine and the costs of energy to power it. In organizations where a lot of material is printed or copied the cost of consumables can rise dramatically, particularly where relatively expensive cartridges containing the drum, developer and toner have to be thrown away and replaced frequently.

Are you keen to reduce your operating expenses? Are lifecycle costs just as important as high productivity with high quality printing results? Then contact us and ask for an economical competitors analysis tailored to your requirements. The results that we present to you will convince you!