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Colour Plotters

Discover smooth curves, fine lines and precisely rendered colour text and graphics

Océ ColorWave

All-in-one, colour work-group printer for CAD/GIS and graphics applications. An all-in-one colour printer, the Océ ColorWave is the ideal solution for work-groups, featuring powerful technologies to support CAD, GIS and graphics applications with instant-dry and water-resistant prints.

Versatile and ideal for multi-user project groups

A highly productive workgroup printer, the ENERGY STAR® qualified Océ ColorWave features an optional built-in colour scanner and integrated output options. The system is ideal for applications such as CAD, GIS and graphics in the manufacturing, architecture, construction and design industries. It supports in-house or remote work-groups and central print rooms with a requirement for instant dry and water resistant prints on roll-based media.

The next generation of CrystalPoint technology

The next generation of CrystalPoint technology comes with a new media path design in order to support you with higher print quality. With the 4 coloured Océ TonerPearl system, you will get excellent adhesion properties even on uncoated media.

Ideal for Multi-user Environments

Don’t compromise on speed and quality, even at peak hours. The Océ ColorWave comes with an Intel® Core™ i3 processor, dual hard drive and 8GB RAM. Thanks to the embedded Adobe® PDF Print Engine 3, you will get accurate previews and fast processing speeds with end-to-end PDF workflows.

Reduced need for servicing

Océ PAINT technology repairs nozzle failures automatically, even on the fly. You will get extended imaging device life and fewer requirements for daily maintenance.

Intuitive touch screen and easy accessibility

Enjoy great usability thanks to an intuitive touch screen with tablet-like gestures. Using the Océ ClearConnect touch screen, you can easily preview, print, retrieve, create sets, zoom-in, zoom-out, select rolls and print profiles, see toner levels and connect to 3rd party software applications.

Colour scanning

The integrated colour scanner with patented Océ Colour Image Logic® ensures high quality scans regardless of the condition of the original. It automatically optimises scans by clearing background noise and capturing detail, even from mixed originals that include text, highlighted lines and photos.

Secure and connected

Securely print from and scan to your USB, tablet, mobile phone or cloud server by using user authentication features.

imagePROGRAF TX-3000

Advanced 36-inch inkjet LFP for CAD, GIS and Poster production, offering productive printing, clever features and easy operation. The consummate, complete CAD, GIS and Poster printer! The 36-inch large-format inkjet printer that couples class-leading quality with supreme output speeds. The imagePROGRAF TX-3000 benefits from innovative features, low-cost operation, simplified upkeep and Canon’s trademark reliability.

Fast large-format printing

An advanced 1.07-inch print head is allied with continuous printing capability, helping this 36-inch model to return excellent productivity and workflow efficiency.

Astounding print accuracy

The high surface tension of the LUCIA TD ink achieves unparalleled fine detail precision, even on economical uncoated stock, and ensures steadfast weather resilience.

Seamless, swift management

The compact imagePROGRAF TX-3000 integrates easily into small offices, and offers simple operation with its touchscreen display, dual roll feeding and easy loading.

imagePROGRAF iPF770

The imagePROGRAF iPF770 is a 36”/A0 printer, delivering class leading productivity, exceptional quality, accuracy and an advanced set of features to ensure an excellent return on investment.

High productivity

Take productivity to the next level with the Canon iPF770, our newest 5-colour printer with a faster printing speed that enables A0 output in draft mode in 48 seconds. Empower users with greater efficiency too, with the new shortcut print feature of Direct Print & Share. This utility allows users to create shortcuts to their most-used print settings, then print by dragging and dropping files onto their shortcuts.

Exceptional quality and accuracy

Canon’s 5-colour dye-and-pigment ink system produces the sharpest, thinnest lines. With an accuracy of +/- 0.1% and a minimum line width of 0.02mm, precision is guaranteed. Get more vibrant colours on CAD and GIS drawings, and better quality red text or images for posters and POS, with the iPF770’s reformulated magenta ink, which covers a broader spectrum than ever.

Ready for the cloud

Boost productivity and streamline printing workflows with imagePROGRAF Direct Print & Share, which lets you print a host of file types without needing an application. As well as PosterArtist integration, the solution allows you to upload and download files for immediate sharing, with easy access even from mobile devices. Printing from an iPad application is also supported.

Economical and efficient

Manage printing costs more easily with the built-in Status Monitor. The Status Monitor’s accounting function collects print job logs and automatically calculates costs per job or time period. An economy mode can be selected which uses less ink: ideal when printing draft documents.

Streamlined design

Make better use of your space with the Canon iPF770’s streamlined 36” body, which is high on features, but low on footprint. Its space-saving dimensions make it perfect for businesses who want high-productivity without the bulk.

Built for demanding workflows

The iPF770 is compatible with HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL, and includes the ability to set palette and pen settings for CAD workflows. Bundled software includes an Optimised Driver for AutoCAD, and a plug-in for Microsoft Office that lets you print directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Black & White Plotters

Award-winning plotters for excellent black and white technical printing performance.

Océ PlotWave

The new Océ PlotWave is a very resilient and productive standalone multi-function system for workgroups needing to share securely, print complex document sets quickly, and produce wide format projects to professional quality.

Enjoy dependable, stress-free production

The Océ PlotWave is intuitive to use. Its ClearConnect touchscreen works just like a tablet making it easy for everyone to use. The Océ Publisher Select 2 submits jobs to print and helps users to create, print and manage multiple sets of technical documents effortlessly. It’s now easier to produce complex sets of documents because the Océ Wide format Printer Driver for Windows allows you to preview documents before they are printed. The fully integrated Océ PlotWave folder generates quality folded documents automatically to save time and help you stay organized. Once completed, your outputs – up to 150 sheets at up to 42 inches wide – will be stacked on the Océ Delivery Tray at a conveniently ergonomic height.

Exceptional results you’ll always be happy with

The Océ PlotWave is purpose-made for exacting CAD environments, such as AEC, manufacturing and print service providers. It delivers high quality black and white sets of technical documents that can withstand intensive use both on and off site. This is due to their water-fast nature and our next generation print quality. Printing can be executed at 10 pages of A1/D-sized paper per minute. Océ Image Logic® offsets wrinkles and folds found in the originals in the produced documents and also strengthens colours.

Peace of mind with secure, durable printing

The entire award-winning Océ PlotWave series is made for the professional CAD environment. It produces high quality black and white documents that look consistently great and are resilient enough to stand up to use off and on site thanks to our water-fast prints and next generation print quality. Enjoy colour scanning too, with fewer wrinkles.

Cost-efficiency is built-in

We keep your operational costs low with a hard working construction that outlasts many comparable systems, along with features such as energy efficiency and Océ Radiant Fusing.

Be brilliantly efficient

Our award winning Océ Radiant Fusing technology gets you started instantly by taking the printer from quiet mode to print delivery in 30 seconds. When compared to conventional printers, the Océ PlotWave can save you one hour per day and cut energy costs in half. By using a WiFi router, users can access files from the cloud via their smartphone or computer, and send them to print using Océ Mobile WebTools. Our productive POWERsync controller allows you to do multiple printing, scanning and copying tasks at the same time for even better productivity.

Always be secure

We use the latest security features and hardened security policies to protect confidential information. A Windows 8 embedded platform on our POWERsync controller forms the core of our security capability, along with smart card access to the system. Additionally, the open interface of the POWERsync controller means you to integrate this printer with existing hardware and software, like uniFLOW, without confronting operational or security issues.

Take care of the environment

The Océ PlotWave is both sensitive to people and the environment. It can be conveniently located anywhere in your office because it emits the lowest levels of ozone, noise and heat compared to conventional systems. It is fully compliant with Epeat Bronze certification, and lastly, the closed toner system prevents users from spilling and inhaling toner.

Large Format Scanners

High-quality colour and black & white scanners that deliver the professional output you need.

Océ TC4 scanner

The Océ TC4 large format scanner is a fast, high quality wide format scanner for colour and monochrome scanning. If you are looking for an engineering scanner or a network scanner, the Océ TC4 large format scanner solution is the best large format scanner.


• Whether you use the Océ TC4 large format scanner as a network scanner or as an engineering scanner, you’ll never have to wait.

• The innovative light source of this wide format scanner needs no warming-up time. You can start using this large format scanner immediately.

Detailed Features:

Excellent quality, high reliability wide format scanner

The Océ TC4 large format scanner uses Océ Direct Scan Technology. This Océ large format scanner solution with the single camera and single mirror concept ensures consistently accurate color over long periods of operation. The Océ TC4 wide format engineering scanner and network scanner saves your information in accurate, secure digital files.

Optimal configuration for everyone

TC4, for document thicknesses up to 3 mm and TC4XT, for document thicknesses up to 15 mm.