Where does the money go?

Too often, the time-consuming task of procurement is a spontaneous process performed by various members of staff whenever stocks are low. However, when the supply chain is running inefficiently, companies endure the risk of down-time when stock runs out, or a lack of space for high-volume orders. And with no clear system of stock planning in place, highly-paid staff waste valuable time on routine jobs such as ordering and replacing toner.
MPU MDS offers a wide range of efficient Supplies Management services – from automated procurement to fast Help Desk support. Our Remote Monitoring system constantly checks all your consumables and reorders depleted materials automatically before you run out.
With our proactive delivery service, you will always have the consumables when and where you need them. You avoid unnecessary stock-piling and save time, expense and trouble.
Money is wasted in all sorts of ways you don’t see: Unnecessary devices, wasted resources and inefficient hardware. High-paid staff spend precious time on simple printer issues and endless hours are lost dealing with different suppliers and vendors.
With MPU Managed Document Services (MDS), you can optimise your entire output set-up. By providing a comprehensive bundle of services to streamline your output management, we can reduce the workload of your IT department and cut your environmental impact.
We conduct a careful analysis of your company’s structure and needs. Then we create a detailed programme to target your specific issues. The results are significant: large cost reductions and valuable administrational benefits.

Do you want to

significantly reduce


Look for a complete solution

MPU MDS optimises your entire document environment in five flexible, carefully designed phases. Customised to the size and unique requirements of your business, our process starts by identifying weak spots in your current infrastructure before seamlessly implementing solutions to cut costs and improve ongoing performance. No matter what size your company is, you will gain from MDS.
MDS: your multi-benefit service package
Reduced costs. Less environmental impact. More security. Increased employee productivity and satisfaction. MPU MDS has many practical advantages.